Andreas Resch (a.k.a. STEREOPLASMA) was born as the son of two architects in Munich, Germany. At the age of seven, his parents gave him a piano and thus laid the foundation for his remarkable musical development. At the beginning, he enjoyed typical classical piano training. Even as a teenager, however, he wanted to break out of those narrow limits and took instruction from American pianist Dave Apter, who introduced him to unconventional improvisational techniques taken from jazz.

Andreas Resch left Munich and settled in Dusseldorf in order to study music and sound design at the Robert Schumann Conservatory. While studying, he initiated a project for avant-garde music together with two fellow students. This trio experimented with industrial noises and electronically modified orchestral sounds; it soon made a name for itself in the Industrial music scene of that time. During this early creative phase, what came to be known as Andreas Resch’s typical sound began to crystallize: a futuristic post-modern style that became his trademark by virtue of its progressivity and originality.

With film music for fictive films that was nevertheless typical of the genre, he published an album called 'Music for Movies' under the name 'Loi Interceps' in 1995. One year later, in 1996, he composed 'Requiem', a mixture of orchestral and electronic music that appeared on Italy’s 'Amplexus' label in 2004.

Since the mid-Nineties, Andreas Resch has also been increasingly working on commissions as a composer and has been writing soundtracks for TV, advertising, and computer games. Cooperating with director Stefan Scheer has proven to be particularly fruitful. Andreas composed a complex soundtrack for his underground feature film called 'Der Westen' (The West) in 1999. This cooperation has efficiently continued until today. He recently wrote the unmistakable title music for Stefan Scheer’s retro-computer game called 'Rufus Drake – Reshaping The Future'.

As of 2004, he has composed several different works of incidental music for the 'Düsseldorfer Kommödchen', one of the most renowned and time-honored theaters in Germany.

After a large amount of contract work, Andreas Resch has again been concentrating his efforts on his own projects and formed the Electronica band called 'Stereoplasma'. In principle it is his alter ego for producing electronic music, consisting of himself and guest vocalist Kerstin Hermes. It began with Minimal Techno, and then moved on to Progressive Electronica.

After dealing intensively with Glitch music, Andreas ultimately created the typical Stereoplasma sound: a mixture of Clicks and Cuts, Minimal and Lounge. He also describes this crossover jokingly as 'Clicks and Lounge.' Production of Stereoplasma's debut album entitled 'Beta Version' began in his own studio at the end of 2005. Andreas light-heartedly mixed his own unmistakable style with elements of contemporary music, such as Glitch, Easy Listening, Minimal Techno, film music, Ambient and Pop. Guest singer Kerstin Hermes rounded out the largely instrumental album with her own vocal parts. 'Beta Version' will be released by 'PROGRESSIVE FoRM' in april 2007.